Our Charging Solution

We have been developing the technology for our wireless charging products for the last 10 years. Our goal is to provide consumers with products they can use with confidence. We have integrated advanced wireless charging technology made for automobiles into our consumer products.

latest inductive charging technology
Engineered with Qi Standard

Charge Ai introduces products with the latest technology standardized by the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC). These products are certified Qi-compliant for safe charging and are compatible with 119 smartphones. The products are also certified to be compatible with certain smart wearables, and accessories worldwide. The products went through rigorous conformance testing for roughly two months where they were tested on 59 different certification criteria before becoming certified.


Stable, ultra-fast wireless charging thanks to the application of the smartphone optimization algorithm


Single coil minimizes electromagnetic waves and provides excellent and safe charging performance


Eco-friendly heat dissipation design and smart thermal sensor prevent overheating and protect the product

We operate two factories in China, Malaysia
In-house Manufacturing

Charge Ai products are produced through LG’s in-house production infrastructure and technology. LG has been the world leader in the technology behind optical disc drives for the past 20 years. The technology used to produce more than 100 million products a year at 6 sigma levels has been applied to all of our wireless charging products.

*The wireless charging products for automobiles have achieved an excellent quality of 13 ppm (13 defective units out of 1,000,000 units) in the last two years.

Quality Assurance

Function implementation and product reliability verification.

Verification of comparability with various smartphones.

Verification of production possibilities for various parts.

Only materials that meet the criteria after the material inspection are used.

Take a random sample and run the first test.

100% full inspection of the manufactured products.

Pull random samples to confirm continuous reliability.

Random samples are taken after the products arrive at the sales area to verify normal operation and performance.

Ship after completing random sample testing.