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The Korea Wireless Power Forum was held in December 2011 at the Koreana Hotel and hosted by the Korea Communications Commission.

The Korea Wireless Power Forum was founded to help others understand the current status of technology as well as the standards and policies in Korea and abroad used in the early development of the wireless charging industry. The objective was to spread and popularize the policies in various fields such as broadcasting, telecommunications, transportation, and home appliances. In addition, the Korea Wireless Power Forum was created to prepare industrial development strategies and to provide a forum where people could respond to international standardization.

At that time, smartphones were not equipped with wireless charging due to a lack of research on frequency, laws/institutions, services, and standards for wireless charging. As of 2019, the standardization of wireless charging technology has continued to develop, enabling us to use wireless charging for our smartphones.

Representatives from LG Electronics (Byeong Sam Min, Executive Director), Samsung Electronics (Joon Ho Park, Executive Director), and Hanrim Postech (Byeong Sam Min, Executive Director) served as the first chairmen of the Korea Wireless Power Forum. In particular, LG Electronics selected wireless charging technology as the technology that would have the most impact on the next generation of humans. As a result, LG Electronics has been steadily researching this technology since 2008. LG Electronics is currently preparing to install wireless charging technology not only in smartphones, but in devices such as cars and robots.

The Charge Ai Project goes beyond the goal of Industrial Activation, which was the original goal pursued by the first Korea Wireless Power Forum. The Charge Ai Project aims to create a world where consumers can wirelessly charge their devices anytime, anywhere with ease. This project was started in April 2019 by experts from numerous fields in LG.


Over the last eight years, wireless charging technology has become  standardized, and markets and industries have been created and activated. However, early adopters had to undergo substantial trials with the technology throughout the entire process. Consumers who used products that had not gone through international certification (Qi certification) procedures suffered from issues with the wireless charger, from the charger emitting noises to the charger catching fire. Numerous consumers experienced both big and small accidents, such as damage to their smartphones or credit cards stored in the smartphone case.

Wireless charging technology has continued to evolve to 15W, 60W, providing consumers with a faster charging experience. This high-power fast charging technology made the focus on reliability and safety even more important.

The Charge Ai Project was started to create and deliver quality wireless charging products with a higher factor of reliability than any other company on the market could provide.

To achieve that goal, the Charge Ai Project is attempting to integrate cutting-edge IT technology with the latest wireless charging technology. For example, we are consulting with a technical expert at LG Electronics, the current Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC), and commercializing the latest wireless charging technology that consumers can use with confidence. In addition to developing our own eco-friendly heat dissipation device design and smart optimized charging algorithm, we are preparing to cooperate with external AI technology experts to increase the perfection of the technology.

The Charge Ai Project aims to contribute to improving the quality of human life by providing high quality wireless charging products that consumers can use with confidence. The Charge Ai Project will work towards installing reliable wireless charging infrastructures all over the world.

We want to communicate with our consumers because we want to provide them with high-quality products that have a good design, are easy to use, and give the consumer a fun experience.

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