Wireless Charging Technology Applied In The Office (Writer's Series Vol. 9)

Wireless Charging Technology Applied In The Office (Writer's Series Vol. 9)

There are many different options for wireless charging technology in the office. The most commonly used solution is Qi wireless charging. It has pretty much become the industry standard, in the same way that VHS was accepted as the video system of choice back in the day. Wireless charging has gone from a pipe dream to something approaching a universal reality. It’s uses are widespread and practical. And that leads us to the office. Look in any office across the globe and you will see a sea of wires. They cause trip hazards and indeed fire hazards.

All of the leading mobile phone manufacturers are developing better and better wireless charging capabilities. And other applications are being developed on the back of this progress. Soon we will see drones, laptops, tablets and more all powered by wireless technology.

So, How Does It Work?

Instead of attaching your device to a cable, you place it on or near a wireless charger. You would normally expect a device to be charged with direct power through the cable. But wireless charging uses an inductive electromagnetic field created by coils within the charging device. And this is picked up by coils in the receiving device. Pretty interesting technology for anyone.

And for any office applications, this can reduce the number of wires and cables dramatically. The benefits of wireless charging technology applied in the office include –

  • Top-up charges are much easier
  • Less fiddly cables
  • Reducing the trip and fire hazards already mentioned

With this in mind, let’s take a look a little deeper at wireless charging and what it can mean to the office. Before we go any further, there is one pressing question to answer. One that has been asked many times.

Is It Safe?

People wonder if wireless charging is safe. After all, this is a new kind of technology. And we always worry about anything that’s new. The heat of the magnets has been quoted as a possible concern. But there have been no safety concerns from the authorities regarding wireless charging.

In fact, in many ways, devices can be made much safer with wireless charging. The contact needed by cables delivers charge quickly and effectively. But it also means there is a direct access into the center of the device. Sealing it and using wireless charging technology means that the device can be made waterproof and seal it from dust. There is less chance of shocks and fires, which have troubled some devices in the recent past.

Why Wireless Charging For My Business?

All manufacturers have committed to Qi charging. This means that any investment you make will be futureproofed. You can spend money safe in the knowledge that you won’t need to invest again in changing wireless charging tech solutions. So, all of your clients and visitors will be working on the same system. If they want to charge up while they are in your office, a single solution will suit all – no matter what device they are on.

The phenomenon of battery anxiety has become a real stress point in the workplace. Charging your device with yet another wire brings another messy element to any office. Why spend thousands on making your office look amazing then let messy wires turn it into a scrambled place that does nothing for the mental wellbeing of your team? The untidier the office space looks, the more distracting it is. And that affects productivity.

Using laptops or desktop computers brings a potential data risk. Every time one device is connected to another, you open up the slight possibility that data can be transferred from one to the other. With global regulations over the last few years, data protection has become a watchword for business. Wireless charging helps to manage that side of your business.

What Devices Can Be Used?

Great question. As the technology is in its infancy, we are all in a state of confusion as to what devices we can use with what wireless charging kit. Simply, look for the Qi logo when making a purchase. If you provide mobile phones for your colleagues, then you need to look for that logo on your new devices. This is so they match the wireless charging provision. Let’s a look in more detail at the kind of solutions you can offer your team.

What Are The Solutions

An office space is designed for one thing and one thing only – to get the best from a team. In days gone by, an office was functional, often drab. But modern design has brightened these spaces, attempting to make them a desirable place to work. At the same time, office owners need to get the most from their team.

Wireless technology can be an integral part of this.

Providing wireless charging facilities on every desk is probably the best way to go. At present, wireless charging works on mobile phones. As the technology advances, charging laptops and other devices in addition will become standard.

This means that your team can work safe in the knowledge that their devices are charged and likely to stay that way. Losing battery anxiety increases productivity as people can focus on the matter in hand.

If your office is open to clients, guests and visitors then you can increase brand loyalty by providing the most up to date and effective charging solutions. Wireless charging is most definitely the way to go with this.