Charge Ai, new standard for wireless charging field

Charge Ai, new standard for wireless charging field

Rapidly growing wireless charging market

As iPhone 8 of Apple began to be released by applying Qi standard, the international standard of WPC (Wireless Power Consortium) at the time of September 2017, the wireless charging market grew rapidly. A lot of manufacturers for electronics accessories which had less profits only with adaptor, cable and multi-port chargers have jumped into the wireless charging pad market. Numerous relevant organizations and companies are created and the industry has been activated, but they also experienced growing pains to solve various problems on reliability and safety.

Manufacturers that suddenly entered in the wireless charging pad market didn’t have sufficient technology. Even though many manufacturers produced and released the wireless charging products in the market, these products haven’t gone through Qi certification process which is kind of the international standard of wireless charging for personal electronics. Since these products were sold to consumers without any verification on charging performance, compatibility and safety, the problems started to arise. There were noise in charger of consumers, there was a fire in the charger and even the charger or mobile phone has melted.

Dangerous low-price wireless charging products which only focus on cost reduction and lack of performance and safety are still selling in representative online marketplace in each country until now. From the consumer’s point of view, they can’t get any guarantee on safe while purchasing the products. Could there be more anxious than this?

Charge Ai, competing with safety and technology

Hitachi-LG Data Storage, a joint venture of Hitachi and LG Electronics, started Charge Ai Project to make wireless charging product for everyone to use with confidence. A number of experts from LG Electronics and Hitachi have made every effort on the development for 10 years and as a result, they could produce high-quality wireless charging product that is more reliable and safe than any products on the market today.

You won’t know the worth of this product, which can be sensual by just placing on bedside cabinet or office desk with its simple and compact size, at a glance. Let’s figure out why Charge Ai, which is more safe and has excellent technology than any product, is so special.

How safe is it?

Charge Ai is a global brand specialized in wireless charging created by researchers and development manpower from LG Electronics and Hitachi. All products are self-developed and have their own production infrastructure.

Charge Ai is a product developed by a number of experts who are proud to make verified products that consumers can trust and use. It is produced by applying strict quality test with nine-steps which is also applied to wireless charger in the car. It is also certified through Qi specification certification of WPC, which can be received after more than 2 months of strict test consisting of standard compliance test and intercompatibility test.

Products of Charge Ai are developed and produced by applying technology that has produced more than 100 million optical disk drive products with very low failure rate of 6 sigma per year. In particular, wireless charging products for car use have shown sufficient safety since it showed excellent quality with 0% of field failure rate out of 1,000,000 units over recent 2 years. So consumers can trust to purchase.

    How about technology?

    Charge Ai has the technology that is enough to reliably supply wireless chargers for car use to global automobile manufacturers. Currently, our wireless charger is supplied with the world’s leading cars. We apply this technology which developed and produced wireless charger for car to the products for consumers. Our technology can produce products that can be perfectly compatible with devices such as smart phones and wearable accessories with about 5,000 Qi certifications around the world and safely charged.

    Wireless charging technology of Charge Ai is WPC 1.2 (15W level) of the latest Qi standard and it can provide faster charging experience to consumers. We go forward with technology different from other companies that simply enter into the wireless charging pad market and are preparing to supply wireless charging technology to devices such as automobile and robots as well as smart phones.

    Charge Ai applied the optimized algorithm of iPhone. Charge Ai has the world’s highest output at 15W compared 7.5W output of average wireless charging products, providing ultrahigh speed wireless charging experience to iPhone users.

      Charge Ai, creating new consumer value

      Wireless charging experience that comes into our life

      What will happen if wireless charging technology applies to the lives of consumers? When you arrive at the hotel while carrying the suitcase for your vacation with family, you no longer have to charge mobile phone by connecting winding wires. You can enjoy new experience to charge your mobile phone by simply place it on the wireless charging furniture such as bed and bedside cabinet.

      Have you ever asked to charge smart devices at the café or bar? If the tables at the café or bar are the wireless charging furniture, you can just place mobile phone on the table you sit. All you have to do is relax and drink coffee while looking at your phone that is instantly charged. The days when the wires are no longer necessary are coming.

      Do you usually bring multi-plug when you travel? This won’t be happened often now. If the phone is certified by Qi, the international standard of wireless charging for personal wireless device, even Chinese and Japanese travelers who have smart phone manufactured from LG, Huawei, Xiaomi, ZTE, Sony and Sharp as well as iPhone and Galaxy can enjoy ultra-high speed charging experience with no problems.

        As such, wireless charging experience that will be a great experience for customers is good news for the industry as well. A small startup in the U.S. found that customers stayed more at a hotel bar and sales increased by about 10% accordingly after introducing wireless charging solution as a result of pilot project. While other manufacturers are only focusing on cost reduction, Charge Ai is looking far into the future and securing technology that can directly contribute to the increase of sales in commercial spaces such as hotels, restaurants, and café.