The word of wireless charging, you can’t escape from it once you fall into

The word of wireless charging, you can’t escape from it once you fall into

Where did the craze of wireless come from? Its beginning was a vacuum cleaner, a home appliance that housewives often use. They had to pull the wire once per every step to clean the room while plugging into one socket. They also had to unplug the outlet and plug again to clean different room. At that time, we experienced the freedom of not being bond to the wire as we had new culture of wireless vacuum cleaner. Soon, earphones which was tangled even in the pocket and tested our patience began to get off their wires and our desire for wireless gradually spread and changed the goods around us.

Difference, those who haven’t used don’t know

Still, there is unfamiliar technology even for those who have become accustomed to the convenience of wireless. That is a wireless charging. The general reaction of those who have known about wireless charger, not a tech early adaptor, would be ‘Do we need to charge wirelessly?

This may because the fact that the wire is required to charge the wireless charger and we need to charge the device which is for charging electronic equipment with wire would be quite cumbersome. And when we think about the moment we charge the mobile phone, we don’t really think that wireless charging is necessary.

We can just connect charging wire while relaxing in bed when we back home after having day’s work or we can just charge the phone with portable charger when we go out. But those who once have experienced the convenience of wireless charger talk about it endlessly. What kind of convenience would it be?

Wireless charger, convenience blocking the lack

No one talk about the need for wireless earbuds until the AirPods has launched. But once people have used it, they fall into its convenience. Then, do we really not feel the need for wireless charger? Smartphone addicts, who can’t get their hands off from their smartphone for a moment, always are anxious about red residual amount of battery. Sometimes you can’t charge your smartphone even if you are running out of battery because you are so busy at work.

If the battery is almost dead, you may anxious about it more often. But if you just place your smartphone on the wireless charger in the table, not thinking about connecting the wire, when you are very busy, you don’t need to feel such anxiety.

Even at work, where you often pick up and put down the mobile phone, you don’t need to bind your mobile phone in the wire. If you experience ultra-high speed charging by just placing it for a short time, you will be surprised about its convenience. It goes without saying that you will feel good by checking the remaining battery that marked as full green.

Isn’t the charging speed slow?

When wireless charger was released in the market at first, the charging output was 5W. At that time, the charging speed was very slow compared to wire charger. However, as the technology of wireless charging has evolved, it becomes to support up to 15W of Qi standard. And as many smartphone have responded to high-speed charging of 7.5W, 10W and 15W, you can experience more fast charging speed than before.

Are there any risks such as heating or explosion?

If you use inexpensive wireless charger made by manufacturer with no core-technology, you may get anxious about it. But if you use products certified by Qi standard of WPC (Wireless Power Consortium), you don’t need to worry about it.

Hitachi-LG Data Storage, a joint venture of Hitachi and LG Electronics, has started Charge Ai Project to make wireless charger for whole nation to use safely. A number of experts of LG Electronics have focused on the development for the past 10 years and as a result, they could make high quality wireless charger with high reliability and safety. As such, if you use safe products made by a company with technology, you can enjoy more convenient charging experience without worrying anything.

Fatal drawback

Wireless charger which can’t be compared with wire charger in terms of convenience has one fatal drawback. It is that people may feel inconvenience for wire charging once they get used to the wireless charging. It is just like people don’t use wire earbuds anymore after using AirPods. People may feel inconvenient and cumbersome for routinized behaviors such as finding charging cable, bending their waist to connect it and plugging it to the connection terminal.

That is why there would be someone who hasn’t used it yet, but there is no one who just uses once. It is established theory in the technology industry that people who purchased wireless charger for workplace use would purchase another charger for home use within less than a month. The day when everyone will be happy to look at the neat table and bedside cabinet with no wires will come soon, right? We hope you can feel the coming future into your life with wireless charger.